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I have a 330xia 2006 with Xenon original in the lowbeams. I just added a Xenon conversion kit to the headlights, but i doesnt work!! Ive testet three diffrent kits.
I checked the new ground cable, and it was already there.

The ballasters i have you must attach to the chassie so the get ground. So i tested ground them with cables to the ground cable in the groundcable on the contact. (PIN nr4) and that didnt help either.
When i start the car i just get a error message that warn me about the lowbeams, and i have'nt touch them.. When i turn the headlight on i get a warning message about them too
It worked correctly earlier, i just got the error message for the headlights, but the car didnt turn the off. But now they just lights about 30sek..

I have mounted Led-ramps inside the kidneys. So they turns off too because the signal to the relay comes from the positive (+) cable from the headlight..

what should i do?

Sorry my baaaad english, hope you understand!