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Lux 5.1 on LCI ZKW Brand Halogen Headlights

Everyone will say this will not fit the LCI halogen lights. But they are 50% wrong.

2 companies provides LCI halogen headlights for the E90 4 Door. One is Valeo, and the other is ZKW. If you have the ZKW lights, you can use the LUX 5.1 since the bulbs it replaces has the same part number (63117161444) as the Xenon headlights. Since the Valeo headlight has a different bulb number, I don't know if it will fit. So if anyone is interested, make sure you have ZKW brand headlights. They were 100% plug and play. No wire splicing.

Here are some pics:

Name:  IMG_1100.JPG
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Name:  IMG_1101.JPG
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Name:  IMG_1102.JPG
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I love how even it is spread between the rings. Like many have reported, it's OK visible under full sunlight. In gloomy weather and dawn/dusk, it's fully visible and quite bright. Perhaps one day, I'll have a chance to compare it to a factory white AE. I'll get some pics if I do and post back here. But these look really nice.

As for error codes, I drove back from the shop and there were no errors as promised by LuxAngelEyes. However, because of the bulb check, every time I start the car, it would flash the LED's so I disabled the bulb checks for the AE.

EDIT ADD: I've had some people requesting pics of my ZKW lights. Here are some crappy iPhone pics:

This is my label from the top. The blurry writing in the red circle says ZKW.
Name:  zkw_label.jpg
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The passenger headlight. Red circle is where the AE lights go.
Name:  left_side.jpg
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Same as above but for the driver side
Name:  right_side.jpg
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EDIT ADD again: I just notice this pic I took while they were doing the install:

It looks like the bulb cover has the ZKW label as well (circled in red).
Name:  bulb.jpg
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And yes, we had to use electrical tape to insulate the wires before closing up.

Hope that helps!

P.S. I've also fixed my grammar/spelling in my original post. I was just too excited. Rock on people!

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