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Ok I called two dealers here in Virginia and they tell me that I am on crack... Can you guys share that email from BMW?? To what I understand its not too late for me to get that credit but for some odd reason BMW USA does not know about this and the dealers are saying it doesn exist...
It wasn't an email. The numbers on didn't add up so I called BMWNA who then told me to call my dealer.

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Even though it shows up as $0 in the summary, $2100 still gets added to the total price.
Yeah, I noticed that as well. That's why I called the dealership. When they configured it on their system, the total prices is different from That's when they checked it out and confirmed it.

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No free nav...


The price changes occur depending which packages you select as some overlap in features that they attempt not to charge you double for
Ever? You mean you didn't know about the free nav for the f10 5 series earlier in the year? It was a credit applied to the purchase of the navigation unit. - source: Besides, for the 3 series, there are no packages that includes the navigation. It's just a separate option to add on.

You guys might be right and the dealer is pulling my chain just to get me into the door, or you guys might be wrong and there is a credit option like for the IX or the automatic transmission. In any case, I'm heading to the dealership this weekend to order the car. I'll see what happens and report back.