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DIY: MV3 Wheel Refurb and Colour Change

Hi Guys,

Well after purchasing the 320D M Sport, the disappointing thing was the wheels, after a good wash i realised that they were in a really poor condition with most of the lacqure coming off...

Now i've never attempted something like this before but paying 80 per wheel was not a option so i started doing some research and this was my outcome! Graphite Grey

1. Clean Wheels using Iron X (stuff really works!!)
2. Repair wheel damage using 'Body Alu' Then sand down excess and form wheel shape.
3. After 24 hours... Use wet and dry 240 and sand down wheel.
4. Take off wheel and sand down with w&d 400.
5. First coat of primer
6. Sand first coat of primer with w&d 800
7. Second Coat of Primer and sand down with 800 again.
8. Now apply the first coat of colour and then sand with W&D 1200
9. Do the step above until happy with colour (normally 3/4 coats of colour)
10. Apply first coat of Lacqure and sand down with W&D 2500 only once though!
11. Apply second coat and third if you need!
12. Admire your work!
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E90 LCI 320D M Sport ... Mods to come.....
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