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Originally Posted by bmwkbiker View Post
No you can't follow the conversation.

If BMW decides the 2012 models all have the "tune" as a standard option that doesn't imply it is now FREE.
It is just rolled into their cost model. Airbags aren't free, standard paint isn't free, standard sunroofs aren't free, don't you get this?

And regardless of what is "standard" on a new model no way is BMW going upgrade past customers without extracting both its cost and a profit.
Nobody with half a brain would expect BMW to hand you options/accessories without you buying a BMW. Well, if you bought a BMW, you just dropped some serious dough, and obviously it's not "free" as you defined it. You're arguing with yourself. :lmao:
Anyone with a 5th grade reading comprehension understands that "free" in the context I used means "not an extra charge option". It is not free today, as you get charged extra if you want it.
Show me where I said anything about BMW upgrading past customers. One other poster made the same mistake you made. That was settled and he acknowledged that.
You drop in late into a conversation that has been settled and make asinine comments without even reading the conversation, and with an abrasive tone.