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Originally Posted by B Brownburry View Post
Give us more driving impressions!!!

Do you feel the overboost or during break-in we go easy so we don't feel it?

How do you get the overboost anyways? You floor it and that's all?
It will be stronger for 7-10 secs, and then the power will drop?
(Maybe IS/1M owners can help us with this)
For what its worth, here's my impression so far. I prefix it with that I'm still babying the car a lil so I haven't pushed it yet, so don't flame me .

The car feels much better built than the 2008 335xi that i had. The M wheel is thicker and a tad heavier than the previous sport wheel so haven't gotten used to the turning yet. Going over bumps is more forgiving even though these are 19" vs the 18" on my 08. Its a much more comfortable ride and the handling feels very confident, as if it knows what to expect before I do.

That said.......the n55 even with the extra power and torque, I haven't felt yet. It doesn't feel as raw and the surge that the n54 gave me but that could be because I'm still babying it and not gunning it. I have started at 1st and moderately gunned it to 4500rpm max) I suspect if you floor it, the extra torque will automatically kick in for a brief time and that's where I would feel the extra kick.

Having driven a new manual 335is vert as well (which has a n54 engine I believe), I know that it still doesn't feel as raw as the 08 335xi. I can't put my finger on it, its just a feeling. Maybe I could just be missing the car, I don't know, lol. The is does feel faster than the 08 above 80km/h, I suspect because it was a vert and had the extra weight which caused the low end surge feel to be diminished.

My only gripe so far is that the exhaust note is a tad louder than i expected. It sounds awesome from the outside, but when city driving in normal conditions, it sounds like I'm on a plane sitting next to the engine.......its a low bass sound that seems to fill the cabin.

Again, I've only put 20-30kms on it cause I got it late last night and its mainly driving in the suburbs, still haven't decided if I want to clear bra it so i don't want to take it on the highway yet.

PS: There's no 'individual' or any badging that makes it stand out as a special edition. Only way to tell from the outside is the paint colour and M aero bumpers and that its not an M3. Interestingly, I saw a white 335is vert in the delivery area and it also had fogs.
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