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Originally Posted by hks786 View Post

I don't know why everyone can't see what's REALLY going on here.

Especially when major parties currently sitting in the Israeli ruling coalition gov't are quite open about what their goals are.

Israeli Foreign Minister Lieberman has been very open about calling for full Israeli rule over all of historic "Haaretz Israel" (Israel, Palestine, plus parts of Syria and Lebanon) and the transfer of all Arabic people (Christian and Muslim) to Jordan.

It is no accident that more settlements were announced at this exact time. This is a direct pattern of open defiance that Israel repeats every time there is a major event. It happened when Bibi met with Obama. It happened when VP Biden visited Israel. It happened a week into the last round of peace talks with Abbas. Etc...

It is their way of saying that there is nothing that will stop them from taking over "Haaretz Israel". Nobody will stop them, and they are openly thumbing their noses at anyone who even thinks of trying to stop them.