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Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post
You seem to think all of this is stuff that didn't occur when we didn't have a black President. You seem like you are not here to discuss, nor debate. I get the impression that you're here to push an agenda on others. No point in engaging any further, as I seriously don't think you're capable of disagreeing with another human being without being a complete cock.

Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, my opinion, man....
Of course racist dog whistles happened before Obama.

In fact, many of the same right-wingers who are using the "half-rican" dog whistles regarding Obama's mixed heritage, and the Islamophobic dog whistle regarding his middle name also used racist dog-whistles against WHITE candidates. For example, in 2000 when Bush supporters put out pamphlets suggesting that John McCain had fathered an illegitimate black baby.

All you've done is help establish a clear line of behavior of the usual suspects to re-use the same tactic of racist dog whistles. These were racist dog whistles when used against a White candidate, and they are racist dog whistles when used against Obama too.

I see you will never, ever address the fact that the ONLY logical conclusion about the person who created this graphic was that he what intentionally using a racist dog-whistle, just like Republican operative Warren Tompkins did to McCain in 2000.

I agree with what McCain said about folks who use racist dog-whistles:

“A lot of phone calls were made by people who said we should be very ashamed about her, about the color of her skin,” McCain told one interviewer. “Thousands and thousands of calls from people to voters saying ‘You know the McCains have a black baby.’ I believe that there is a special place in hell for people like those.”

Why am I angry? Why don't you ask McCain why he was angry when the same thing was done to him?

Does what was done to McCain disgust you? If not, you don't have a heart. If so, and you blow it off when it is done to Obama, you are an enabler and a sympathizer to those racists who are doing it now. That means I have a problem with you.

Frankly, if you read this post with even a half-open mind and you don't come away convinced NEVER to use or support or defend the use of the racist dog whistles commonly used against Obama, It becomes REALLY hard to conclude anything other than you've chosen willingly to side with the racists.

Since I don't actually think you are a bad person, let me humbly suggest that it is time for you to do an honest gut-check and decide who you really are. Don't let your dogged desire to bash my posts on this website cause you to re-define your values and beliefs to be something other than what you want them to be.

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