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Hi - just discovered this issue on my '55 330i SE Touring. BMW dealer quoted 800 to replace (having charged 135 to 'diagnose'). Obviously highly reluctant to pay this, though with my little boy usually sat just above the leak I feel I shoul get it sorted, slim though the risk should be (if I don't max the tank at least).

Anyway, called BMW UK Customer Services and they said it was up to the dealer to propose a good will gesture, which as I didn't buy the car from them and in fact this is the 1st time I have used them for anything I find it highly unlikely they will do. The dealer themselves said good will was highly unlikely as the car was too old (6 years now).

So, I could take it to an indy for a quote and maybe 'only' spend 400 to fix.

Or I pursue it further with BMW UK - does anyone have any suggestions on who to call / email / write to for this as I don't think I'll get any success with their regular call line?

Thanks for any help, would be nice to get it sorted.