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Blocked on almost everything? What the heck do you call the Mammoth Health care debacle? You think things are ugly now, just wait in 2012 it's going to get worse. Famous words paraphrased " You have to read it to know what's in it" These are the Liberals that shoveled that garbage on us.

I gave him the benefit of the doubt when he first came into office. He had a chance to unite and he failed doing that. He had the majority, he got what he wanted in the social agenda and he's living with it now. The problem as I see it is not that it's not a worth wile cause, it's that he shoved it down our throats with the you will buy it mandate. What he should have done was regulate insurance companies to make it affordable. Change the law on hospitals to stop requiring them to help folks that don't pay. Carrot and stick, and everyone pays. But no he used the stick. Raceist, not me, but I don't call him my president. He's a AHOLE!

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