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Originally Posted by j2m View Post
I went to the track tonight with a couple friends (E90MCF) and a friend with a 09 Z51 Vette. I've been talking trash to the vette guy all week long about how I was going to kick his ass, but being that this was my first time at the track I wasn't sure how I'd do. We didn't run together because they had to close the track due to high winds, so I only got 2 runs in. His best time was 14.496 with a trap of 106.37. My best time was 13.196 with trap at 101.62. Below are my slips, I am on the left on both.
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It was a blast, had a lot of fun and best of all won both races!
I'm going again next friday and hope to have my meth mounted!
Well done buddy! those are good figures!

didn't think we could beat the corvettes without meth!