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Originally Posted by BrokenVert View Post
I still dont understand why everyone rips obama's head off? Hes blocked on almost everything by the fucking 4 year olds that are currently in congress.

I mean seriously? We came closer to a government shutdown than we ever have before in august. It eclipsed how close we came in 1812, and that was because the British had invaded DC and burned down the capital building!

Obama would be half decent if he had a chance at any of legislation being passed. And as far as the GOP candidates go...yeeesh

So we have Migraine Lady with crazy eyes, George Bush on PCP, Oldy McOlderson, and Mitt Romney?

id make a better president than those fools
This piss poor excuse for a President had two years with majority in both houses and didn't do jack shit to help this economy. Who's fault is that? He was too busy shoving unconstitutional mandated healtcare down our throats. And found every fucking loophole to pass that pile of shit that the overwhelming majority of Americans don't want. The largest legislation in the history of this country and he had to circumvent normal approval process to get it passed. That speaks volumes to the type of guy he is. It's been "the economy stupid" since he raised his right hand on 1/13/10 and he is just now worried about unemployment......gee, I wonder why? It's campaign season. This guy is an abject failure in the biggest way.

His legislation is god awful and thats why it doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell of passing. This latest pile of excrement he put in front of Harry Reid won't even be brought up in the SENATE that the DEM control. What the hell does that tell you? It's garbage.

Any single one of those Repubs that are running would be a 100% improvement over BHO. Shit, Hillary would have run circles around him.