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Originally Posted by BrokenVert View Post
I still dont understand why everyone rips obama's head off? Hes blocked on almost everything by the fucking 4 year olds that are currently in congress.

I mean seriously? We came closer to a government shutdown than we ever have before in august. It eclipsed how close we came in 1812, and that was because the British had invaded DC and burned down the capital building!

Obama would be half decent if he had a chance at any of legislation being passed. And as far as the GOP candidates go...yeeesh

So we have Migraine Lady with crazy eyes, George Bush on PCP, Oldy McOlderson, and Mitt Romney?

id make a better president than those fools
Others may not necessarily agree, but I think the biggest mistake he made was the healthcare legislation. WHen he first came into office, he had an entire country furious with the banking system. Had he actually acted on it, the repubs would've been backed into a corner and effectively neutered. This would've gained him a great deal of momentum to move onto other things he wanted to do.

Unfortunately, he installed Summers and Geithner to their respective positions, who defended the status quo on the banking system, ignored Volcker's recommendations and instead moved on healthcare, earning him the anger of the repubs, dems and a good deal of independents . This was a HUGE strategic blunder and is absolutely key to the difficulties he's having now.

He had the opportunity to really rise to the occasion and achieve greatness when he first came into office. But he squandered it, reducing himself to simply the latest dolt that overpromised and underdelivered.

This is what happens when unqualified people are elected into office at times of serious difficulty. Obama is the second guy in a row that screwed things up by sheer incompetence. In my opinion, there should be some minimal competencies signed into law for anyone running for government office. They don't pass the test and/or have the right resume, they can't run for office.

My 2 cents, anyway.