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Originally Posted by j2m View Post
I went to the track tonight with a couple friends (E90MCF) and a friend with a 09 Z51 Vette. I've been talking trash to the vette guy all week long about how I was going to kick his ass, but being that this was my first time at the track I wasn't sure how I'd do. We didn't run together because they had to close the track due to high winds, so I only got 2 runs in. His best time was 14.496 with a trap of 106.37. My best time was 13.196 with trap at 101.62. Below are my slips, I am on the left on both.
MY CAR: 11 E92 N55 X-Drive 6AT M-Sport, Vishnu DP, JB4 S2 (MAP 7), Dinan Exhaust & Stage 2 Suspension, HRE P40's Square Pirreli Rosso 255/30/19 @35 psi, 99 Octane Fuel.
It was a blast, had a lot of fun and best of all won both races!
I'm going again next friday and hope to have my meth mounted!
I am not sure if that track is just particularly slow or what but with your mods that trap speed is horrible. Stock cars should be trapping 105 or so.

Edit - This is a massively slow track if your friend in his vette is trapping 106.
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