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Hello there,

I now that my car was remapped but I donīt know if the mapp still on the car.
Could be an indicative if i donīt found in the service menu the miles left for the DPF?

Is the any visual way to check it?


Originally Posted by jimmylad View Post
had dpf removed about 2 months ago (56 reg, 85k - e92 335d)

I never really intended for this to happen but I do mainly short journeys & had a few probs that I ended up at the Stealers (very true expression). After the 2nd time of being fleeced by the B'stards the DPF light started coming on & I couldn't get a regeneration to happen to stop the light coming on so not fancying a 3rd trip to the dealers I made the decision to buy a replacement pipe from eco tune, fit it with the help of my mate & get Simon at emaps to reprog it out of the system.

The replacement part was excellent quality & had all the relevant holes for the various sensors to be re connected back in.

On removal of the DPF ( a right b'satd to remove as it needs lots of things to be moved for the DPF to drop away) we noticed that the dealers had left an electrical connection off the dpf from the recent trip to the garage so on hindsight the replacement part wasnt needed !!!!

Finally got the DPF out (big heavy thing) & was surprised to see that it was actually quite clean. Sooty but not clogged. The new one went back in easily as it is a third of the girth of the DPF.

Car now sounds way more sporty even on tick over which I quite like & the exhaust tips are now black where as before they were spotless & would stay that way for weeks after a quick wipe.

Economy has deffo improved & can get high 40's with ease on the motorway at 70. Seen a high of 53mpg on one trip but thats not really why I bought the car. Makes me wonder what must be wrong with some of these 320d's that cant get over 40mpg.

Cant really say one way or the other wether the car is quicker with it on as it did nothing but snow the day after it was fitted & I have got winter tyres on so not really been in performance mode for quite a while but on the one ocassion I did give it the full monty it did surprise me.

One of the original probs I had with the car was it needed a new ecu (according to the stealers ) so my remap was lost so once I had the dpf removed & I had time I popped over to Cannock to see Simon (Emaps) and he remapped it again & removed all the DPF relevent parts of the software. We took the car for a run after the remap so he could check all the settings & he was surprised just how much cooler the exhaust gas was.

Am I happy so far ? Yes. no regrets so far

I'm finding recently that I can be doing over a ton pulling onto the local dual carridgeway without meaning too & what seems like so little acelleration. I put this down to the "constant" power delivery of the remap, low back pressure due to the DFP off ( just one very smooth delivery from 1.5k ) & the very quiet winter tyres.

Can't think of any other car that combines the performance with economy in the way that this does.

edit - meant to say it still doesnt smoke.