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Originally Posted by toxicnerve View Post
Interesting. I'm going to try out Shell V-Power I think. People report smoother/quieter running. Seeing as I'm in warranty I'm reluctant to use additives because I think BMW specifically stiplulate that additives are not to be used.
I was about to order some Millers for my 335d when I read the additives may possibly damage the catalyst within the DPF, hence didn't bother. I certainly would use it without DPF though. My car has a 12 month used warranty, it is an 08 plate with 22K miles and the average speed when I received it from a London dealership last week was only 24.8mph! When I sold my previous 335d average speed was somewhere around 44mph by the time I sold it (basically no traffic where I live, especially when driving at night).

Fortunately for me, I drive quite good distances most weeks and the engine gets chance to breath.

Thanks for the post re the DPF, I've found it most interesting. I know it's not all about economy, though an increase in fuel economy would always be most welcome. The puff of diesel when accelerating hard is a like rubbing salt in the wound when overtaking some performance petrol engined cars, good fun. Nothing Autosol and fine grade steel wool won't fix on the tail pipes either!