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M3 Control Arm Folks, Please Come in...

I am reading everything I can find on here about the M3 Control Arms on E90. However, I cannon't find a detailed feedback on differences after putting them on. So I hope you can give me some input on this.

There are hard core Autocross-er's here. Who want the car to handle very aggressively and quickly. However, let me explain what I am looking to get out of mine: I want the car to be still comfort oriented. I want it to be a long distance cruiser that does not sacrifice ride. So my plans are, FK Konigsports - lowered, slightly lower than ZSP level, OEM 18's with good rubber. Keep the stock non-sport front sway, but put something thicker in the back (may be ZHP one or M3?). Reason here is, I want the car to understeer the least.

Here's where I want it to be a little aggressive: Steering. I want more feel. I want more feedback and to be more accurate. So with above mentioned upgrades, would M3 Control Arm set be a good addition? Would I get what I want?

For those of who had them for a long time, how is it holding up after a long time? Are there any alignment issues?

Thanks in advance.