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FK Endlink FAIL! (w/pics) what next?

Hey Guys! So recently I've been hearing some really annoying clunking coming from the front of my car especially when I'm at a dead stop and I turn the my steering wheel from the far left to the far right or vice versa... Bad Endlinks *SEE PICS*

You can also hear a clunk when I hit a sharp bump in the road... I would tribute that to "Bad Tophats"??? Maybe someone could hop in and tell me how to definitively diagnose this without actually replacing the tophats.

As most of you already know the FK Coilover End-Links are known for Failing, do most people upgrade to adjustable, more rugged endlinks? Does FK cover this under their Warranty? How do I contact them for Warranty Work?
I have <10k miles on them for point of reference...

Drivers side front before being cleaned off:

Drivers side front after being somewhat cleaned off:

Passenger side front (what it should look like):