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Originally Posted by arthymian View Post
Hey, did you find any solution for that?

I have the same problem this weekend... still can't figure out how im i going to fix the front slider... (It jumped off).

I'm like "this is a 3 year old bimmer and it happened so easily!" Damn! My old renaul got is air sliders in perfect shape for 15 years... :\

Well can i find it (slider) on sale somewhere?
It has the rear left side broken holder...

Pardon my bad english.
You can't just buy the slider; you have to replace the entire vent. Do you still have the slider part that broke off or have you lost that?

If you have the slider part you may be able to glue it, and the P3Cars instructions I posted above may help take the vent apart, but a new vent is around 35 so this might be an easier option.

This may help you with the part numbers from your local dealer, but check if you are happy with the instructions on how to take the trim that holds the vents off.

There should be multiple DIYs floating around from the carbon wrapping and trim replacement threads.