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I didn't even keep the dyno sheet because I was pissed that something is wrong and I can't identify it. Max run was ~330whp and ~375tq which is basically what I made with just Jb3 and a downpipe. Terry looked at the logs and there is a drop in boost. It was peaking at about 13.5 psi instead of 16.5psi.

My initial feelings are that it's from the front mount. I had trouble getting it to hold boost while installing. However, after the initial problems I had for the first day, it's been great ever since. It's possible that a coupler just slid off but from what me and Terry could see with my iPhone flash and limited space, it looked ok. Now the chargepipe is a common problem with our cars and high boost, but I have the ER charge pipe. From a quick examination, it isn't that.

Even on the dyno you could kind of hear the car cutting in and out of boost. It sounded really weird. Any ideas on what could cause this? Terry and I went over a few things but I was only with him shortly. Could it be fuel? Fuel pump? Vacuum line (terry said might be a problem)? Anything else? Any insight would be great! I'll probably take the front bumper off this weekend and check all the front mount fittings and charge pipe and etc.