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Waiting On Another One

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Originally Posted by PKL View Post
You seem very knowledgable about this whole process so when you find out the answer to that question please let me know!
I have a little information cause I've been through this before. The wait is always excruciating. I know tracking is somewhat of an obsession but I always learn something - the operations of the panama canal for instance. On this voyage I studied the Azores - I know people who live and fish there and a friend who refueled Air Force jets there but I was never sure exactly where the islands were until the Grand Venus popped up floating by.

We'll find out soon if they let the Platinum Ray unload on the 4th. It looks like it gets to Port H in a few hours. Either way, I bet you get your ride in Santa Monica by the weekend. The dealers want to get their money so they don't spend much time with them. ED vehicles sometimes get hung up in customs but US sales or leases get processed pretty quick. Now, of course, the Wagoner trucking driver could spend too much time at In-n-Out on the 5 and get in after the dealership closes on Saturday or Sunday but we won't think about that. Good luck! Grand Venus still figures to arrive two days in advance (10-9) of the Port H dock schedule. Maybe they will slow down and start a poker game.