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Originally Posted by yoko kai View Post
I've had my '07 328i for 2 months now and before opening this thread for the first time, reading page 1 and the last 2 pages of this post, I thought the ticking was a normal hiccup as a cold engine start. I'm at 45,000miles, past my 4 years new car warranty but I still have my CPO and maintenance until late 2013. With the link provided by DL, I am definitely going to make sure if my parts need to be improved or not. I've read into this thread for 5 minutes, what else have I missed other than checking to fit new parts or anything specific to tell my service advisor on this issue? I know but I'd rather read right now info than start from page 1 to page 91 in one night.
If you read the last two pages you should have a decent amount of information about the problem.

Hopeful, you have a decent service dept.

Below is a good link though a bit dated as BMW does not do the bleed down procedure anymore. The improved lifters is the first step. BMW will always hope this will be the final fix as it does not want to pay to have the head changed. Remember the service dept. is stuck in the middle between you and BMW.
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