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Originally Posted by MaximusJ View Post
Love that stuff; but I just dont know WHEN during the detailing process to wet the tires...

At the beginning = nothing remains on the tire after a wash.
At the end = you have to wipe your wheels and fenders because of the overspray.

When was that sale? I could use some spare bottles!
The sale has since expired but I have a neat little trick to tell you how I apply the spray and it saves on wasteful overspray as well. Get one of those plastic margarine or sour cream containers and pump about 15 sprays of that stuff into the container (per tire). Take a nice fine 2" or 2-1/2" paint brush and gently brush it on. You have better control, less running and zero overspray. It's a bit more work but I don't mind when it comes to stuff like that. It gets me outside. Results are the same too.