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Question Buying a New SP Touring - Timing for best price?

Hi All,

I've been reading the forums with some interest for a few weeks, but I have a question which I'm hoping you guys can help with...

I'm looking to buy a brand new (existing model) 320d Touring Sports Plus Edition. I'm something of a tight wad (), so I'm looking for advice on when I should be heading to my local dealer to place the order (specifically when prices should see a drop based on the new model being released).

I know the new-new tourer won't be out until much later next year, but I'm OK with the current model if I can get a hot deal.

Also, what would you all suggest is the best method to haggle the price down? I'd planned to go in with a broadspeed quote.

Hope I've posted in the right place... and I'd appreciate any advice.