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Hey B33M3R, Im trying to pick an amp for my set-up, and I have hit a wall. My set-up is very similar your yours, apart from Im doing everything stealth by hiding the amp and MS-8, thought maybe you or anyother guys could help me out in picking something out.

This is my current set-up:
2 x Focal 100KRS (RMS 50w, 4ohm)
2 x 4" (RMS 90w, 4ohm)
2 x SWS-8XI (RMS 150w, 2ohm)
and a MS-8

So I need a amp to run the Focals and the SWS-8XI on four separate channels, the 4" mids will be run from the MS-8 (I hope the MS-8 is powerful enough to run them). The other issues apart from matching RMS and ohms, is it needs to be no bigger than 8" wide x 10" long and 2.5" deep, as its all going under the trunk.

The only perfect amp Ive found is the JL HD600/4 with R.I.P.S technology which is perfect as I wont need to worry about battery voltages (as I have a European E87) and load impedance. This means I would receive the same power output at 4 ohms as at 1.5 ohms each time. But its pricey around 500 here in the uk.

The other choice which is both cheap, small and powerful is the VIBE LiteBox Stereo 4 which looks like it would be perfect:
4 ohms: 90 watts x 4 chan.
2 ohms: 125 watts x 4 chan.
But I wonder if the SWS8 maybe alil underpowered at 125w each.

Any recommendations or advise on another amp what to do would be much appreciated.