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Originally Posted by ********* View Post
I posted up a little info on the SMC II swap in the cosmetic/lighting section today.

Do have an adaptive error? Or the adaptive lights just don't work?

Also in my bav tool, I found options for high beams an dipped beam activations. But I did not did any for adaptive.

Luckily, the used module was plug and play for me.
No I have no errors whatsoever. I suspect it is physically disconnected somehow from hitting the roadwork ledge. I have no error codes stored or any lights on dash.

When I turn the car on and have the lights in auto they both raise up, but only the passenger side swings side to side and returns to center.

This weekend I am going to take the back of the light off and see if the Stepper Motor ball joint thing is just popped out. The light still levels up and down on hills and stuff, it is just stuck aiming to the passenger side.

I'll check for your thread. Thanks man