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I just used this DIY to replace my old bumper with an M tech one. The intructions are great. It would have taken me twice as long without the instructions. I took my time with this and it took me about an hour to remove completely. Installing the new bumper took about 25 minutes.

In the video he recommends uncoupling the first three tabs from the wheel well first, then uncoupling the tabs beneath the taillights, and finally uncoupling the last tab on the side. I tried that on one side, wound up tearing two of the tabs on the old bumper. On the other side I uncoupled the rear taillight tabs first, then the side tabs and it went much easier, and no tears.

Thanks Russian for the video!

I had the bumper painted by a local shop that had done some work on my wifes GTI...her paint matched perfectly...mine didn't New bumper is a bit darker. That'll be fixed soon.
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