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Originally Posted by VP Electricity View Post
The SWS won't be underpowered. They aren't rated for more than 150 RMS anyway. You could use the 600/6 and stagger it 150x2 if you didn't already have 2 ohm woofers.
Originally Posted by B33M3R View Post
Hi, VP's going to be the man to listen to in regards to what will work best but from what I've read the Vibe gets good reviews and is very well priced. Almost went for one myself instead of the JBL. Ideally I wanted to go stealth with the JL XD600/6 but had to reign the budget in a little bit as it's a good 500+ over here. My next upgrade will be a trunk sub of some description, replacement amp and either all stealth or visible but sexy !
Ahh ok VP, So should I be thinking about bridging 4 of the 6 channels on the 600/6 as they are only 90 watts per channel at 2 ohm, meaning 4 channel bridged it would be pushing out 180 watts per two channels bridged, and the remaining 2 channels (un-bridged) straight to the Focals at 60 watts (4ohm).
But what do you mean VP about "If I dont already have 2 ohm woofers" My sws8 are 2 ohm....

Thanks B33M3R, so why did you go for the JBL over the Vibe? Would you say the JL XD600/6 is better then the Vibe? I've found a few XD600s for under 300 on ebay... Would the JL work better with the MS-8, then the Vibe?