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Originally Posted by TheDonClark View Post
The fact that the first entry is 5/09/2011 when the car is a model year 2009 is a big red flag. Every carfax I've looked at has always had data from all the way back until the car was manufactured. The first person to buy/lease this car when it had 0 miles in 2008/2009 had to have done it from a BMW dealership and there would be a record of this sale and the transfer of title on the carfax. It's easy to try to ignore the pages and pages of people complaining about this dealership b/c they have the perfect car taht you've been searching for and you look at pictures of it and think about it and your mind is inclined to think that 'this car is alright, it's the one!'
I would recommend you take a step back and try to ignore the fact that this car is perfect and think about the tens of thousands of dollars you're about to hand over to a dealership that is widely known for selling lemons and that the first record of this car on the carfax is 'sold at auction' over 2 years since it was originally sold to someone - sounds very fishy
Solved the mystery, it's actually a former performance center car. Therefore, it wasn't really titled to anyone and there aren't any previous records to it going at auction. Also explains why it looks so new; they replaced pretty much everything on the car because the performance center beats the crap out of them.

99% sure I'm going to pass this one up unless they can throw in an extended warranty and cut the price by 20%... which they won't do. Oh well, doesn't mean I can't go for a test drive.