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Originally Posted by coldasicex5 View Post

This is personally from an SA who will remain anonymous.

"The 15k oil change is bullshit made my BMW to allow the engine to build up enough problems so that you'll keep coming back for service to make money. Do it every 5-7 and save your engine the trouble. It also saves them money on buying oil kits".

Here's an example...

Last year I waited until 15k do to my first oil change.. guess what happeed.. fuel pump went the first (of 4 times) right at 15k.. i found myself another 18 times at the dealer after that. 5 times was for the vanos system getting messed up

one of my friends was fully modded up, did oil changes 4-5k miles, beat the holy hell outa his car until 50,000+ and guess what.. he was at dealership maybe 2-3 times..

this doesn't got for everyone, but it MAKES you wonder.

Jerry G.

What do bad fuel pumps have to do with your oil?