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335i vs supercharging/turbocharging 323i

Originally Posted by N52B30 View Post
The early 335's (2006/early 07) had a common fuel pump problem:

I also agree with Minichamps, if you got your 323 brand new (or if it is reliable and trouble-free) then why trade it in for a used one?

I upgraded from a E90 320i to the 323 - initially it was a huge improvement over the 4-cylinder. Now seven months later, I feel like I can do with another 20-30 more horsepower!! Yes the 335 is very fast, but maybe after a year or so after you have upgraded, you might be asking a similar question "335, M3 or 911"... You can never have enough power!!

In addition, my C230 Touring (2.5 V6, 204hp) feels a bit more responsive and has a bit more torque than the 323, even though the 323 accelerates quicker to 100km/h on paper. Might be the 7-speed transmission...

If you can hang onto it for another 2.5 years or so, the next generation 3 series should be around in 2012!!
After driving the E90 323i for several years now I find that it doesn't have enough acceleration and torque...I drove the an MKV GTI for several year states side before returning to Hong Kong for good. For anyone in HK, how does the financing work for trade in for a 335?? The 323i is fully financed and paid for.

Sorry for reviving an old thread!