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Originally Posted by witeagle View Post
Those are dealer prices - and they always recommend it sooner then needed honestly. I took my dad's 5 series in for service when the 'service indicator' had about 200 miles on it. The ca has ~ 40k miles on it and they put new pads and sensors (not rotors) on the front and rear, compliments of BMW Maintenance. I looked at his brakes when he brought the car in and they had plenty of meat left - but they don't risk anything and refresh pads way to soon. Not that I was going to stop them from putting in new pads for free

BMW branded parts are way over-priced as we know. BMW always changes the sensor for some reason.

Just out of curiosity - - geniune parts
front rotors 154 each (308 a pair)
front pads 128
sensor 25
Hold down bold 2 each - need 4 (8)
Rear Rotors 90 (180 a pair)
Pads 104
Sensor 24

Parts - $763, and maybe even more costly at the dealer. most likely they grabbed you for 4 hours labor (even though it takes them 1/2 of that), plus they might have replaced the caliper rattle clips for another 40 or 50 bucks, plus tax! They might have even tagged on 5 bucks for the anti-sqeal paste.

You could get a decent set of brakes for a low milage daily driver car from a local auto parts store for ~400 or less!

BTW - on my E46 - OEM brakes went at 41,000. I stuck auto-zone brakes on the car and I changed them out just over 100,000 with meat left but a caliper froze up so I just changed it all. The auto-zone brakes lasted at least 50% longer then oem!

rant over!
Once the sensor is tripped, it has to be replaced. Once the pad wears away the plastic end of the sensor and the pads come into contact with the metal behind the plastic in the sensor, it is now permanently tripped, and cannot be reset. I learned this the hard way trying over and over to clear the code and warning lamp with my BT scan tool, only to have it instantly pop back up again. Just another way to get your money, and they aren't cheap!! Like you found @bavauto, $25ea is about the cheapest I've ever seen, and you need one per axle!!! Some retailers wanted $45+ for just one sensor, and believe me, there is nothing to them at all. Some metal wires covered in plastic, and once exposed by the brake pad, the resistance changes, thus triggering the low pad warning light. Couldn't be a simpler design!! Ok....done ranting.....sorry for taking over !!!
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