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These threads are funny.

I spent $2000 on new brakes in the 20's, is that ok?

Yes, it's very ok, and you got a great deal. Truly, every honest dealership is going to charge you that anyway.

Oh, shucks, thanks a bunch, I feel great and will hit the gym and start off a wonderful day thanks to your reassurance. I love you man.

Brakes take all of about 15 min. to replace the pads. If all 4, maybe 25-30 min. Ok, lets add another 20 min. since you're doing all 4 rotors. Who knows how much the parts cost, not much. If it's worth 2k to you to do that, then you have the money and I bet your time is very valuable. I doubt Kim Kardashian is going to want to waste 50 min. of her time just to save 2 grand.

There's nothing special about BMW one-piston floating calipers, what is special is that Roundel on the sign of your local dealership. To each his own.