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Originally Posted by John 070 View Post
These threads are funny.

I spent $2000 on new brakes in the 20's, is that ok?

Yes, it's very ok, and you got a great deal. Truly, every honest dealership is going to charge you that anyway.

Oh, shucks, thanks a bunch, I feel great and will hit the gym and start off a wonderful day thanks to your reassurance. I love you man.

Brakes take all of about 15 min. to replace the pads. If all 4, maybe 25-30 min. Ok, lets add another 20 min. since you're doing all 4 rotors. Who knows how much the parts cost, not much. If it's worth 2k to you to do that, then you have the money and I bet your time is very valuable. I doubt Kim Kardashian is going to want to waste 50 min. of her time just to save 2 grand.

There's nothing special about BMW one-piston floating calipers, what is special is that Roundel on the sign of your local dealership. To each his own.
Very true. It took me longer to find my jack, break the lugs loose, jack the car, put stands under it, and remove the tire than it did to change out the pads. BMW's are suprisingly easy to change brake pads on. The rears are just as easy. They even installed little rubber covers over the only 2 bolts that need to be removed so that the bolt heads wouldn't get filled up with road grime!!! $45 for the front pair, and I think around $25-30 for the rear pair from autozone that come with a lifetime warranty. Oh, and a couple of bucks for the caliper grease!!

Single floating piston?? Pretty sure there are more than one piston(s) floating in my front calipers!!!!!
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