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Originally Posted by Saintor View Post
Or you can cut the wires, tie them together and be done.

Oddly when I changed my oil in July, the brakes icon came on when I did reset the CBS for oil - it was not for brakes oil and I couldn't reset the new "mileage to go". I found that there was some undetermined kind of interference. But when I "took care" of the front sensor, the message just went.

I have 3/16" of pads life at 60000 miles. They are easily good for another 10000 miles although I hate the way they immediately get dirty. Rears pads were changed at 40000 miles. I do heavy traffic almost every day. These brakes are awesome.
Not being able to access the milage to go feature is directly correlated to the wear sensors. If the system senses that they are tripped, it will not let you reset the countdown or add to the service counter for the brakes on the axle that's still showing tripped. Can't get rid of the dash code either, and if you have bmw's service system or whatever, they'll be calling you to make an appointment to come in for service because the car called and notified them (BMW) that particular service(s) are required!!! Talk about having a nanny!!! Good lord!! When I was unemployed, I changed the pads all the way around, but couldn't afford the new wear sensors yet. BMW must have called me once a week asking for me to schedule a time. Once, one of the ladies started getting harsh with me, and starts with the whole "we've been trying to contact you for several weeks now, and you NEED TO SCHEDULE A MAINTENANCE APPOINTMET!!! (with a raised voice) I told her calmly that I will be caring for my own car from now on, WHICH IS THE SAME THING THAT I TOLD EVERY OTHER PERSON THAT CALLED REGAURDING MY CARS SERVICE (quite loudly). I then Flipped through the manual and figured out how to disable the stupid service/concierge setting in my radio. My car will call for help NO MORE !!! lol!!!
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