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Originally Posted by Delta0311 View Post
Well let's see

323i= 175hp
328i= 230hp
330i= 255hp
335i= 300hp

See the difference. Even the 328i will feel like a completly different car to you, let alone a 335i.
We don't get the 328i in HK, at least not for the E9X generation, we'll see about the F30.

For the OP, whether you want the performance difference between a 335i and 323i depends on the type of driving you do. If you do mostly commuting and getting stuck in the cross-harbour traffic, then it's not worth paying the extra. The difference in power does not really make up for the extra gas consumption, and in any case, it will be hard to use that extra performance in regular commuting on HK roads.

But if you prefer to do driving just for the heck of it (and I imagine you do) on roads away from the city and on weekend trips then by all means go for a 330i or 335i. At least you can use more of that extra performance. Of course you also run a higher risk of getting caught by the police, but that is up to you.