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Originally Posted by Legovmit View Post
She authorized the work and the bill was $1,377. ($758 for the front and $620 for the rear). I have 2 questions:
1) Is this a fair price for a brake job or did we get screwed?
2) Is it normal for a car with only 26K miles to need a brake job or is this pushing it.

Let me know what you think!! Did the dealer rip us off or treat us OK.

You should check out r1concepts...

Honestly, the work to do your brakes yourself isn't much of a task at all and so much cheaper than having a shop do it! Also, chances are they gave you the OEM brakes. And because it's a BMW, they say you need to replace the rotors as well when you do pads. I got that a lot! For that price, you could have drilled AND slotted rotors, Stoptech (Street Performance) pads and still have about $700-800 saved in your pocket which could be a brand new set of tires...