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Originally Posted by dmorga1 View Post
DSC? Nothing to do with CBS. The only "wear sensor" is the one that gets its wire broken if you go down to minimum thickness. In certain conditions, like tracking, as you point out, CBS may be making guesses based on its algorithm (on mine, it still seems to be basically counting down miles in normal city use). But my point stands--CBS doesn't have a good idea of how many miles are left on the brakes from mine and others' experience.
sir, if you feel DSC has nothing to do with how the CBS calculates brake wear, please ask BMW to change their description of how it works. I am pretty sure their engineers, who designed the system know a little more than you.

There is actually a service bulletin put out by BMW for the E90 in 2008 (SIB 34 02 08) which corrects "Erroneous Brake Pad Replacement Messages" This service bulletin lists how the DSC module is used to calculate brake wear.

There is a lot more going on than just mileage being counted down. I know that you thought you knew what you were talking about, but in reality you are wrong, just accept it, don't fight it. The car really was designed this way. It's ok, no one is mad at you.

"Front brake pads – Monitored by the DSC stability control module
-Rear brake pads – Monitored by the DSC stability control module"
"DSC: Dynamic Stability Control
The remaining distance for the front and back brake pads are calculated separately in the DSC control unit. When making the calculation, the condition of the brake pad wear sensors is taken into account (reference point at 6 mm and 4 mm). "

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