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Originally Posted by Legovmit View Post
I dont normally write in but I have found so much useful stuff on this site I just had to share. My wife has a 2007 335i with 25,800 miles on it. We have had it since new and it is driven to work and back, very low mileage.
We took the car into BMW Seattle for an oil change (I was out of town). They called her back and told her she needed a complete brake job on the car, it was unsafe to drive, and she needed to let them know right away if the car was to be ready for her later that day.
She authorized the work and the bill was $1,377. ($758 for the front and $620 for the rear). I have 2 questions:
1) Is this a fair price for a brake job or did we get screwed?
2) Is it normal for a car with only 26K miles to need a brake job or is this pushing it.

Let me know what you think!! Did the dealer rip us off or treat us OK.

I assume when u say "full" brake job, u mean rotors, pads, sensors all around + fluid flush..i paid $250 w/o yes u did get ripped..honestly the only time to take it to a dealer would be if you need the computer programming capabilities or if its a very complex job..but brakes??..thats about as easy as it gets..should have went to an indy shop...there is nothing special about a brake job as long as you source the right parts and lubricants..