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Originally Posted by silvermist99 View Post
Good luck on figuring out this. My cable arrived on Thursday and I'll be trying soon. I printed out the 20 page PDF and downloaded the zip file already but havent have time to read it haha. Hopefully start coding tomorrow
thanks! good luck to you too.

Originally Posted by BRAISKI View Post
Congrats! Welcome to the wonderful world of coding your car.

for trying to help others for free, its nice to see members helping other members esp the knowledge was learned from here in the forum

I might do some coding today or tomorrow
thanks! yeah, seeing most members learned through the help of the E90post coding gurus, I cannot wrap my head around them charging so much for basic coding. If its completely custom coding, then fair enough. That's why I took a stab at it and tried it myself so that I can learn a thing or two and also give back to you guys. I know there are a few more nice, free coders on the boards but not in Vancouver and I can speak out for them saying we code for free and gratuities for our fuel, time spent and appreciation of our effort is always welcome

I got the mirrors to work finally. I realized it wasn't the coding that was wrong, it was me who didn't test the mirrors properly. You have to hold the door handle for longer to make the windows fold haha.

Originally Posted by engotski View Post
Yooooooo are you able to code pre lci!?
Yep Glen I sure can I'll be posting a new thread about offering coding soon.

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