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Originally Posted by eatrach73 View Post
Good for you.
On the shoes, I use Asics. I have flat feet, and Asics is soo goood on my feet. Plus I use an insert called SOFGEL.
I am finally able to reach 7 miles.
Congratulations on 7 miles, that's better much than 5K goal in US.
I have flat feet as well. Running store recommended Asics and Saucony, but I got Adidas at another store. Running store did have some gel inserts, might ask them next time I'm there.

Thank you!

Originally Posted by FazerBoy View Post
Best advice I can give is to start every run slowly and gradually speed up. Setting off too fast usually ends in tears....
I got free app for iPhone which has running plan by day. Full app has 10 weeks (I think), and free version has only first week. So, first and second days are warm up, walk - run, walk - run, walk - run, cool down, with more walking than running. For now, this pace feels perfect (especially more walking part).

Thank you!

Originally Posted by yakev724 View Post
I agree.

Start with what you feel comfortable with and gradually increase. The key is to maintain a schedule of running at least every other day. Coming back after more than 3-4 days off will seem like undoing several days of running and starting back over.

Also, listen to your body. If a joint or muscle gives you pain, slow down and let it cool down before continuing. If something begins to hurt immediately after you commence running, go home and don't run for 1-2 days. Many problems will work out themselves if you gradually build up and don't stress a potential weak spot.

I use airmax 2010s and they are great for absorbing road. If you're running on roads, pay attention to how much impact your knees are taking.

The plan "dictated" by iPhone app seems perfect for now. More walking, and some running. Did two days in a row, so will take a break tomorrow.

When I ran, I did not feel any pain, other than discomfort after short runs, and when landing on a feet (don't know if landing part is because I could have bought better sneakers, or that I need to loose 20 pounds).

After first day my knees did hurt a little, but all pain was gone when I went for a walk-run on second day. Right now I'm little sore, but that's all.

Спасибо за советы!

Originally Posted by gilbertb11 View Post
Try the marathon trainer's method. Run-walk-run method. Look it up. As for shoes, i'm in love with saucony. Was huge asics die-hard but saucony has really done me well.
Great, that's what iPhone up had me do first couple days. Saucony was also recommended by running store, but I got Adidas. If I keep it up, and make myself run ofter, I might reconsider and pick different running shoes.

Thank you!
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