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Question [1013MM] Presents: BLURPLE. The Car You Love To Hate And Hate To Love. Why? Because..

PLEASE READ BEFORE SCROLLING DOWN (for the sake of the flames that will most likely/probably occur)....

First of all let's just get this out of the way, this is a show car. What is a show car you may ask? A true show car forgets everything function and embraces everything form. Show cars are made to look good and grab attention whether it may be good or bad attention. This 2007 BMW 335i, also known as 'Blurple' online and at shows, is a show car. The whole purpose of it is to stand out at shows. Why? Because showcar.


This is BLURPLE...

This is how BLURPLE used to look...

Let’s go back about a year and a half ago. Many of you may have remember seeing this car or photos of it floating on the internet somewhere. At the time, it was known mainly because of it’s custom neo chromed Work Meisters. Also during this time, it was already a full-fledged show car. Car shows go through seasons and in order to consistently win, changes are made during the “off-season” every year which is very similar to race cars or track cars. See where this is leading? If it wasn’t clear, different people have different approaches to things. You can build a trailered race car or you can build a trailered show car. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but Blurple was built to do one thing and that was to grab attention at shows.

You either hate it or you love it. There’s really no explanation to the modifications when it comes to show cars. It’s just made for show. Some pay for track days, while other pay for show spots. We can all argue about it’s looks for days, but ironically, that’s what a “good” show car does, it sparks conversation. Good or bad it leaves an impression.

BLURPLE has plenty of fans.

This is how the car looked about 2 months ago. Currently the daring shade of pink has been uninstalled and Blurple is now in it’s off-season phase which means changes are about to be made. This is the last you’ll see of this Blurple with pink. And if you were wondering, Gram Lights do come in pink from factory.

We always like to think that there’s an explanation to everything, like why it’s named ‘Blurple’ (custom painted blue/purple), but if you’re still wondering why? Because showcar.

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