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Originally Posted by Th3xf4ctor View Post
It may say that but its honestly a 2011. First of all, the 3 series model year hasn't even started being built yet. Furthermore the coupes dont come out usually until a year or so, maybe a little less after the sedan. Furthermore, the 2012 model year is designated as the F30,F32. Yours is definitely a E92. Check out the main page and you'll see what I mean. I'm not trying to be an ass, just trying to let you know. Car looks great by the way.
2012 is when the e90 switches to F30, the e92 is still e92 for 2012 model and doesn't switch to F32 until 2013. Just like how e46 sedan went to e90 in model year 2006 but e92 didn't come out until model year 2007
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