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Originally Posted by turbotko View Post
Well then sir, I guess we will agree to disagree. Like you said, no need to flame, I believe we are all adults here.

So, to carry on the "technical aspect" of this post, do you know of any compressor maps available? I've looked through every bit of BMW's information provided to technicians only and cannot find one surprise. I'm very curious if even Shiv has seen one, it's a pretty vital piece of info when tuning a turbo car IMO.

I may have came off a little rough there, and for that I'm sorry. It just seemed like you were toughting the 335i's DME as being able to work magic. Hell, even purely mechanical wastegates will attempt to keep boost constant in all atmospheric conditions, so nothing new there. That only leaves timing and fuel for the DME to "compensate" for poor atmospheric conditions. I don't see the DME as being able to "compensate" for 30-50 hp with timing and fuel........but it is direct injected which could add another variable to it.

I also do not pretend to understand anything more than the basics of Dyno theory so I will not comment on your beliefs.

Like I said, there is something wrong with your first dyno graph and it appears that you are on the right track with this.......just please don't believe that the N54's DME is that special, it's not.

Now, I'll give you an internet handshake and subscribe to the thread.
I actually dont disagree with you, It really doesnt make sense that this car made such great numbers in these horible conditions... but it did... dont shoot the messanger
Maybe I have a "ringer" ? I doubt it though, my car feels just as fast as my 335 loaner i had for a while

I know that the DME cant work magic, but there was something that caused my car to make GREAT completely stock numbers in really hot crappy humid conditions... I would like if anyone could figure out what is wrong... but as I see it, the only thing to blame is SAE correction adding power that was never lost in the first place.

Here is a download to the free winPEP dyno viewer software...

I have attached a dyno runfile from my runs that day... simply unzip it, then open it with that software, and you can play around with switched between SAE/STD and UNCORRECTED. Once you load a map onto the graph, you can double-click it to see the run info and conditions during the run. These have not been altered.

let me know what you find out, I have already had others look at this, and they pretty much said that the car ran way better than it should of ran in those conditions, which is why the number for SAE is inflated, and the UNCORRECTED number is spot on. I was there, it was hotter than hell
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