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Originally Posted by kdiggz View Post
lol that is what we were thinking. the guy at our office parking ramp gave us a wtf look as we pulled out with the wipers going crazy on a perfect sunny day. good to know about the stopping and restarting the car to turn the wipers off. i can deal with the lights on the dash but the wipers was kind of annoying
Lol. Yes its turning it off and on, maybe you have to push the stalk up or down, I'm can't remember, but sure enough the wipers do turn off.

Something weird happened, I was trying to pull the fuse out with my fingers the other day, and couldn't grip it enough to pull it out. The fuse did wiggle in the slot though. Anyway, the traction light (triangle with circular arrow) came up on the dash and stayed, as well as this: 4x4!

Everything worked, I thought I cracked the secret, but I tried a burnout and turns out the awd was still working. I pushed/tightened the fuse in the slot and that took care of the problem.