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Originally Posted by Robin Hood
It's a Drexler lsd (0-100% just like the M3 E46 etc)

Makes the car mor fun to drive. I'm thinking about buying it for my 330i next year.But it has some disadvantages in the connection to the DTC/DSC electronical units when they are normally switched on: The DTC/DSC interference is much faster/heavier than normal. So you have to drive always with those systems turned of or get used to power-loss when flooring it...
Thatīs exactly why LSD conversions are offered so seldom. It does mess up DSC / DTC big time, unless the DSC/DTC is adapted. Which it is on the M-cars but which hardly any aftermarket company can muster.

Just imagine the liability issues....

While switching off DSC/DTC for serious performance driving is fine, on a non-dedicated track car for daily use, I would allways want a fully operational (switchable for moments of fun) DSC. You cannot allways foresee whatīs coming up and in certain situations DSC really can be a life saver.

So I guess i really need an M3
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