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bro, i dont really have anything to help you BUT i can tell you that i feel your pain..and I know EXACTLY where you're coming from. 2 days after I got my 335, I took my girl out to dinner ( u know the drill) we're just chillin talkin while im driving..suddenly a truck full of shrubs fly pass us and a thick branch falls off the truck and right into my path and there was NOTHING i could do but roll over it... let me tell you- i felt like my heart dropped b/c when i crossed over it, i seriously thought i busted every suspension component in my car. I heard the loudest thump/ crash noise it seemed like in the fucking world. I was livid.. i know it wasnt the end of the world.... andthere are more important things but u know that feeling since its the "new baby"..

Anyway- long story short-- i took it to get an alignment the next day and it turned out to be the she drives beautiful! thank god! lol .. so get the alignment completed man. u should be okay.