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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
Wow, coming from the land of the Spanish Inquisition, that's a very comprehensive summary of the region's history.
Oh really, did some american indian tell you that?

Ever heard of Canaan, the Israelites, Jerusalem, the Old Testament, Moses, Abraham, the Jewish people?
no sir, just heard about Sefarad. I think was in Australia

"Palestinians" are arabic, just like the hundreds of millions of Arabs in the region. And then there's this:
"the prevailing view is that Palestinian identity originated in the early decades of the twentieth century". Not exactly thousands of years, eh?
So the 1.5 billion Muslims can have a generous portion of the word's land, but the few Jews who haven't been exterminated can't keep their New Jersey-sized homeland - sounds about right.

Call it palestinians, muslims, arabics ... doesnt matter, the fact is jewish dont leave that region a decade ago, a century ago ... and nobody expells jews from there, they go by their own.

i guess you want arabic people living there go like "hey, lets leave a empty place forever if one day jewish want to come back!"

Oh no prob, tomorrow all the spaniards we gonna take a plain and go to California, Nevada, Florida, etc, and demand a portion of there because it was the Old Sacred Kingdom of Spain, and so the frenchs with New Orleans, the brits with the Colonies ... this is ridiculous

Dont seems like jewish people was very worried about his own land until IIWW
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