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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
You are completely ignorant of history. It was the Jewish homeland, and the Jews have been expelled from there unwillingly over hundreds of times, through war and systematic extermination. The idea that Jews willingly left is the same type of propaganda that exists with those who deny the holocaust.

Your analogy is flawed, a more accurate one is if someone came to takeover Spain.

Pardon messie ... lets assume that is true, then i ask again, if jews want to return to Israel and create his own country, because its belong to them, lived there or whatever, then we have to be ready for a globlal shock of peoples asking his lands back, just think about all the afroamericans expelling white people from southafrica for his return, all indians killing you all euro ancestry from USA, or France, Spain and England demanding on the ONU congress his old possesions in america ... like a i said, thats hilarious.

Its ok to me if jews want to create a country, its ok even if they want a piece of the old Israel, but definitly that's not the way. To me the matter is not to have or no to have, is how and ways they are doing.

And about the expells, i can figure, by the times we are living and what my own eyes see, why they have been kicked from so many countrys. To take nationals currencys and turn it into private is not a thing that everybody likes. Shame all jews get punished and pointed after for that.

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