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Originally Posted by 11Series View Post
There has to be a Modern State of Israel, and there has to be a Modern State of Palestine

The only real argument is how and when this can be accomplished.
Agreed, but we (and the world) still have to deal with this...
Originally Posted by Javi335 View Post
And about the expells, i can figure, by the times we are living and what my own eyes see, why they have been kicked from so many countrys. To take nationals currencys and turn it into private is not a thing that everybody likes.
Now we're getting to the meat of the anti-semitism that's behind all this. Yeah, Jews are genetically bred to control the banks. This is the spoken, publicly accepted stereotype that Nazis and others used to exterminate Jews, and it's clearly racist bullshit. Every ethnic group has stereotypes - Italians are mobsters, Irish control politics, etc. None of these stereotypes caused nations to exterminate them.

No, the unspoken truth is that Jews are not Christians, and that's why they've been expelled and nearly wiped-out. As usual, religion is the dividing line that is at the root of all the wars around the world.